Happy Sunday! Well, at least here in Sydney it is. It’s been a busy week being away in Melbourne. But, I’m glad i’m back in Sydney and away from the cold and rain that Melbourne had to offer. But, one thing I do love about Melbourne is their boutique shops! You can find the most unique clothing items that you really can’t find elsewhere. You can take a wild guess and guess that I did do some shopping of course!

Speaking of shopping, I found this white top while I was in Cairns and I love how chic and feminine it is. It’s also off the shoulder which is a major plus because I’m still obsessing over them!

If you were keeping up with NYFW you’d notice a whole lot of cold shoulder going on. Stay tuned for my next post which is all about my favorite looks/designers from New York Fashion Week. Have a great weekend lovelies!


Top: Bardot SIMILAR 

Shoes: Lola Shoetique SIMILAR

Pants: Fashion Nova SIMILAR

Sunnies: Valentino SIMILAR

Earrings (old): SIMILAR

Why Bomber Jackets Are The Bomb

You’ve seen bomber jackets probably everywhere. Okay not everywhere, but you get my drift. These bad boys are making their mark in the fashion world and they’re not going anywhere any time soon. I’m completely obsessed with them and want them in every color and every pattern. I’ve already spotted a few I’d love to have this spring here in Sydney!

This khaki bomber jacket is everything. I’ve worn it several times and I just got it not too long ago. The best part is it’s under $40! You can transition the bomber jacket into fall or spring and even summer when it’s a bit chilly outside. So you can make use of it all year round! Now that’s a winning situation!
P.S. make sure you’re on the lookout because I’m carefully covering NYFW and all my favorite looks will be on the blog once all of NYFW madness is over and done with!

Side note: Comfiest shoes ever!


Jeans: I got these from a small boutique in Sydney unfortunately they don’t have an online shop same with the top! SIMILAR  SIMILAR


Bomber: FashionNova SIMILAR

Necklace: Forever21 SIMILAR

Earrings: Aldo SIMILAR 

Shoes: Akira SIMILAR 
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Sunnies: Ray Ban (My faves!)

My Rockstar Look

So I decided to let out the rockstar in me out to play this time around. I was definitely going out of my comfort zone when I thought to do a look like this and hey I like to experiment so I thought why not?! 

As I was shopping around I wanted pieces that were versatile. So once my eyes laid on this plaid top I thought it was absolutely perfect for the part and how easily I could wear it again with a bunch of other outfits. I could honestly pair a plaid shirt with over ten other looks (hint…maybe a new blog post ;]). 

One other thing that stuck out to me was this shirt. The quote “If you never try you’ll never know” is so relatable. Going on this blogging journey has been one heck of a ride. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else because it’s my medium to get to interact with all of YOU guys and share what I enjoy the most! But, if I never tried going after what I enjoyed I’d never really know what’s out there for me. On that note, you should pursue whatever it is that you’re passionate about and don’t let fear hold you back from doing what it is that you truly enjoy. Fear & rejection should not hold you back from accomplishing what it is that you want to accomplish. At the end of the day you have only one chance at life and you should take that opportunity to do what you love so that one day when you look back you don’t regret taking a chance on something that you really wanted. One more thing, the people you admire and look up to are just like YOU. There’s no reason why you cannot accomplish what they’ve accomplished. Motivate yourself and believe in yourself and look at the doors that will open your way. It’s not an easy road, but it’s well worth it!

Didn’t mean to go off topic too much, but that shirt is more than a shirt with a quote it really meant something to me when I saw it and I hope this motivates you guys in some way to go after whatever it is that you want!

Now that I’m done ranting, I think I’ll be getting my rock on a bit more often!

Get The Look:

Sunnies: Gucci (old)

Earrings: Forever21 sold out SIMILAR 

Choker: HERE


Shorts: HERE 

Shoes: Lolashoetique (Sold out) SIMILAR

Plaid Top: HERE

Shades of Pink

Winter is almost coming to an end here in Sydney and spring is right around the corner! I’m lucky that I’ll be experiencing summer twice this year. Yay for shorts and summer clothes!

Side note though, I really wouldn’t call Sydney’s winter a real winter. For all my Chicagoans we know what winter really feels like. Minus 30 to 40 degrees fahrenheit is what we’re used to, but here in Sydney it’s on average about 60 degrees! I know that’s pretty insane and I guess I’m pretty lucky that I don’t have to endure any crazy winters.

Since spring is around the corner so is spring wear. I pulled out my pink bomber jacket and paired it up with these extra comfy pink denim jeans to come up with a casual street look. I love to coordinate different shades of the same color as you can tell.

The best part of this outfit is that it’s SO affordable! The best thing about Fashion Nova is that you can score really good deals with everything that’s in style.

Get The Look:

Jeans: HERE (They’re on sale!)

Bomber Jacket: HERE

Tank: HERE

Adidas Hightops: HERE

Fendi Bag: Fendi store in Dubai

Off the Shoulder Trend

I’m sure many of you have been spotting the latest trend- off the shoulder tops. Well, they’ve been taking over my closet recently. I’ve been doing so much shopping in preparation for my honeymoon that’s coming up and my bachelorette party with my beautiful bridesmaids! 

Speaking of bachelorette parties at my Boho Bachelorette party this past weekend I wore an off the shoulder white dress that I definitely need to share with you guys! I’ll be posting photos and much more this week so be on the lookout for that!

This coming month will be extremely busy with family flying in from all over along with so many wedding things to do before the big day that I need to make sure i’m on top off everything for my lovely blog because it is so easy to get carried away when you have a hundred things to do. Does anyone else feel the same way or what?! Fingers crossed, let’s hope it all goes well!