Autumn Layering

Has anyone ever wished for cooler weather just so they can wear that new jacket they’ve bought or those cool boots they’ve had sitting in their closet for over a month now? Yup, that’s me!

I never thought there would come a day that all I wanted was cooler weather. Usually, you hear everyone wishing for warmer weather, but I guess I’ve had enough of the heat. In my defense, I haven’t really experienced a real winter since I was in Chicago over a year ago.

Other than spiced lattes and pumpkin pies, I love layering my outfits during autumn/fall. Some must haves for me this autumn are thick sweaters and double breasted coats. A black double breasted coat is a staple and goes with about anything. You can wear a simple hoodie under it to simplify your outfit or you can opt for a thicker turtleneck that adds more structure to your look.

I personally love this black coat and I cannot wait to wear it more often this season. I’m thinking of doing another post showcasing how to wear it a few other ways. Let me know what you think in the comments!


Coat // Turtleneck // Black Denim

Joann xxx

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Christmas is creeping up around the corner…two more weeks left until it’s that time of the year again!

I hope you guys have already started your Christmas shopping because you know how the malls get once we’re a few days before the holidays…PACKED. I’ve already started my Christmas shopping and have been super productive. I decided to put a little gift guide together to help you guys out if you’re stuck on what to get. These gifts will help every budget, I promise! So let’s get into it now shall we?


                  For that beauty lover in our life- This Nars eyeshadow palette has  the perfect mix of earthy tones to create those sultry eye looks.

How could I not include the best perfume ever?! Chloe is the perfect scent for someone who loves a floral scent. There’s a reason I keep restocking Chloe, because the scent is absolutely divine and sticks on for hours on end!


Anyone else love a good cup of joe? This Nespresso machine is perfect for all coffee lovers! Nothing is more than convenient than a coffee machine in the comfort of your own home. Can i get a skim cap please?

One of my favorite styling tools and hair savior- Dyson! Have a girlfriend, wife, sister, mom and/or friend that needs to get ready faster? Dyson will save the day- no joke. I have super curly hair and usually take an hour to do my hair, but this little gem has helped SO much. You’ll thank me later :).

For the tech guy in our life. A super chic and stylish phone case! Nothing says chic than a Alexander Mcqueen phone case.


A shaver my husband swears by- Braun.



Alright lovelies that’s it for now, but stay tuned because another gift guide will be dropping tomorrow and you don’t want to miss out on these super cute and clever ideas!


xxx, Joann


Multiple Ways to Wear a Shirt Dress

How good does it feel when you can remake outfits out of one piece of clothing from your closet? Well, it’s my favorite thing! I bought this white shirt dress and thought I could do so much with it and boy was I right.

You can style it with a simple blazer like I did for a casual and cute look for a night out or you can wear it with a pair of jeans for a more everyday look.

I had bought this gingham skirt and I’m quite tall (5’8), so I tend to have problems sometimes with length of skirts/shorts/playsuits. When I had received my skirt in the mail I was super bummed out that it would barely cover my behind! I tried it with the shirt dress and it looked super cute and actually gave the skirt that extra bit of layer to it! It was perfect.

You can also pair it up with a slim pencil skirt for a more “business” look. I will be doing a few more looks with it so stay on the lookout!


Shirt Dress 1 2 I Blazer 1 2 3  I Skirt 1 2 3  I Bag (Zara Europe) 1 2  I  Shoes (Zara Europe) 1 2 3 I Earrings 1 2 3

Green Emerald Fur

Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I had to make a few changes and rethink a few things when it came to blogging, but now I’m ready to go full steam ahead! Haven’t you ever felt like you needed a break to clear your mind from something and then once you’re done you’re just so full of energy that you feel like you can tackle the world?! Maybe not to that extent, but you get it!

It’s officially winter down under and by winter I don’t mean minus 30 degree weather. I’m talking low 60s, high 50s. I know all my Chicagoans are probably like that’s not even winter compared to what we endure. Yea, I agree as well it’s an extremely mild winter to say the least. Nonetheless, I miss our frigid Chicago temperatures where I can layer up and wear my big puffy coats and such. So I decided to pop out with my beautiful green emerald fur. It really wasn’t that cold so don’t let my furry coat fool you, but I pretended it was, haha!

The best thing for me at least is that I can say I really won’t get to experience much of a winter this year since we’ll be traveling in less than a month to the U.S. & Europe where it’ll be pretty toasty. I’ve already started to pick and choose my outfits for our trip, crazy eh? Not really, when I get overly excited I am extremely diligent and organized. I create our itineraries and I have a bunch of restaurant options for us, because you know I’m a big foodie :).

If any of you have been to Frankfurt, Rome, Barcelona, and London and have any restaurant recommendations please feel free to leave them down below and/or if you have any other tips you’d like to share!

p.s. I’m starting a weekly ‘Wishlist Wedsneday’ ritual  on my blog where I share with you everything I’m currently lusting over. They’ll usually be all the luxurious goodies from various designers so stay tuned because you do not want to miss it!

 Get The Look:

Fur Coat:Akira (old), Similar


Givenchy Bag: HERE, HERE


Chunky Nude Knit

There are knits and then there are chunky knits. There’s something about a big comfy chunky knit that just steals my heart. I absolutely love them! I can throw it on almost any outfit to add a bit more structure or texture to my look, like how I did here.


I was a bit excited not going to lie that Sydney was a bit on the cooler side than it normally was so that I could throw this bad boy on. Now who would have thought that this Chicago girl would be wishing for some cooler weather? Yeah, yeah I know, but sometimes you miss the good old cold Chicago weather. Not necessarily the freezing winters where I’m drowning in snow and getting my car stuck on the road on the way to work (true story), but just a bit of cooler weather so I could wear my favorite winter pieces!

Side note, as many of you who are not familiar with Aussie weather it’s currently still summer here in Oz land and winter is creeping up around the corner (June-August), but let me tell you they haven’t really experienced the true form of winter until they’ve experience below freezing temperature with snow up to there knees!

Any who, I’m quite excited because my best-fraaaand aka my maid of honor aka the peanut butter to my jelly aka…ok you get the idea…is coming to AUSTRALIAAA! Hallelujah! Yup, she’s escaping the not so cold Chicago winter to get some of that Vitamin D here in Sydney with me. I cannot even begin to explain how exciting it is to have my bff here for a whole entire month. Aussies you better watch out because these Chicago girls are about to take over! I have a whole long list of places to go and explore, restaurants that will make us gain excessive amount of fat and bars where we can drink our sorrows away. Sounds fun, right?

I’ll definitely be keeping you posted on all those good Sydney spots for all my Aussie locals and/or the tourists who are exploring this beautiful country. See you babes!


Get The Look:

Knit:Sold out, Similar Similar

Tank: Similar

Jersey leggings: Here  (Love them!)

Shoes: Old, Similar Similar

Sunnies: Gucci (old), Similar


xxx, Joann