Melbourne Getaway

Happy Tuesday my loves! The weekend is over and I hope everyone enjoyed theirs as much as I did. I had a mini getaway to Melbourne with my best friend who’s in town from Chicago. Melbourne is always one of my favorite cities to visit because it reminds me of my hometown Chi-town (Chicago)!

We stayed at the Sofitel right in the heart of the CBD. It was conveniently located next to all the restaurants and shops. I love a good hotel with a nice, clean and tidy bathroom. I have a thing for bathrooms in hotels. If the bathroom looks off I cannot be staying in that hotel. It really turns me off. Now the Sofitel gets brownie points because it has full sized body mirrors! You need a good selfie you know. I think Tripadvisor should start listing if hotels have this luxury because it’s a selling point for me! Don’t you guys agree?

We got a lot of shopping done I must say and we got these bomb massages at True Thai Massage. If you’re in town I would highly recommend it.

Melbourne is well known for it’s good eats and being the foodie that I am I’m always down to try a good restaurant. I’ve listed a few below that we tried out and what I think of them so you guys can check them out and which ones you shouldn’t waste your time on.

  1. Hardware Societe : We went here for brunch after we landed and I was super excited to see what the rave was about. The lineup was about 15 minutes which wasn’t too bad because I’ve heard it can be worse. Once we were seated I was so excited about the cute funky interior with the little teacups hanging on the wall and the Parisian influence on the menu had me ready to order the whole menu. I had a chorizo baked egg dish and it was extremely flavorful. The eggs mixed in with the cheese and chorizo just melted in your mouth, yum! This was definitely worth the wait.
  2. Mamasita: Living in Chicago spoiled me with the best of the best Mexican food. It was never a mission to find a good Mexican spot until I moved to Sydney. The struggle to find some good old guac’ was becoming a mission so I had to resort to making my own. I was determined to find a good Mexican spot in Melbourne and so I did. We ordered the chips and guacamole, fish tacos, beef cheek tacos, short ribs, corn in a cup, cheese quesadillas and some garlic potatoes. It was all divine. The guacamole hit the spot and satisfied every craving! Mamasita sure did deliver.
  3.  Chin Chin: Oh Chin Chin…so we heard of this infamous restaurant from a worker at one of the shops we were at and how amazing it is. She warned us the lineup is insane sometimes, but well worth it. I was super excited to try it out especially after I looked it up and it had good reviews and it had a dish on their menu for Cook for Syria. So $3 of that dish would go to Unicef Australia to help Syrian children who’ve been effected by the war and that alone sold me. As some may know, my parents are Assyrian from Syria so the cause was close to home. Anyways, we get ready and we’re on our happy way down to Chin Chin and low and behold the line is long. The wait was 1-1.5 hrs. for two so we decided to go downstairs to their bar and grab a drink while we wait. Side note: I’ve never waited so long to eat. We got seated and ordered the wagyu beef, chicken pad thai, corn fritters and chicken wings. Let me start off by saying the chicken pad thai was a 12/10, it was that good, now for everything else it was alright. The wagyu beef was supposed to be medium spiciness, but I needed the fire brigade to hose me down and let me tell you, I can handle my spice. The waitress was nice enough to exchange the meal for another coconut wagyu meal they had which was much better. Now, would I ever wait that long again for Chin Chin? No.
  4.  The Quarter:  We came here for breakfast and boy am I glad we did that. We ordered the quarter breakfast that came with mushrooms, sausage, bacon, eggs, toast and halloumi. It was a par-tay in my mouth. I mean it was seriously delicious. This definitely was one of my favorite breakfast spots in Melbourne overall. It’s also situated in this alleyway that’s extremely busy and if you’re like me and love to people watch you’d enjoy it very much!

After all this eating we did we did a lot of shopping like I previously said. The Emporium is an awesome mall that has so many retail shops for everyone of all styles. I love some of the underground shops that have very unique styles and aren’t styles you typically find. I do have to say I shopped for the hubby more than I did for myself, haha.

If you’ve never been to Melbourne before one thing I highly recommend you do is the great ocean road drive. The scenery is beyond belief and fortunately we did this last year when we were in Melbourne. I highly, highly recommend it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little Melbourne travel guide!


xxx, Joann




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