Patches and Denim Skirts


spring-look bomber-skirt-look bomber-skirt-look_2 bomber-jacket

bomber-skirt-look Processed with VSCO

Happy Wednesday! Yes, it’s Wednesday over here in Australia for all my non-Aussies. To all my fellow Americans it is voting day in the big U.S. and wow is this race tight. I’ve been glued to the t.v. for hours now in my hotel room and my blood pressure is like a roller coaster! I’m on edge right now for my country so let’s see how this election turns out!

On a less stressful note let’s talk about these patches now shall we? Can someone tell me what it is with patches that has me hooked?! I don’t think the obsession is subsiding anytime soon. Someone sound off in the comments and let me know it’s not just me, haha! Something that I love about denim skirts is that they’re a classic. They really are versatile and can be dressed up with a nice button up or dressed down like I have with a basic top and bomber.

I’ve been eyeing these Soludo espadrilles for some time now and when I saw them on sale on The Iconic for $48 I jumped on them ASAP! I mean who doesn’t love a good shoe deal?

Alright loves, I think it’s time to get myself out of this hotel room and go explore Queensland instead of watching this stressful election right now!


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