Nudes and Whites


Whites & nudes are classic colors that you can honestly
pair anything under the sun with. I feel pretty “angelic” when I’m wearing an
outfit that consists of mostly whites and/or nudes. Am I the only one or does
anyone else feel the same way?!

I decided to wear this cute little outfit to dinner with the
hubs and the white leather jacket is perfect for this time of year in Sydney.
Did I ever mention that it’s Spring here?! I think it’s pretty cool that I get to
have two spring seasons and two summers this year. I’m all ready for summer as

Speaking of summer, the hubs and I will be embarking on a
little getaway somewhere nice and really warm. Can you guess where?! Well, you’ll
find out quite soon. I’m too excited for our trip and it’s coming up real
quick.  I have not even decided what to
pack yet. If you know me you know I like to plan my outfits a month or two in
advance and then pack three weeks ahead- I know I’m special. But, it’s all part
of being excited for my trips because I love to travel and explore new places
all the time.

Any who, I’ll leave you guys with that. I need to do some
online shopping. Leave me some of your favorite online shops below!



Get The Look:

Leather Jacket: Love Culture SIMILAR

Braille: Kookai SIMILAR

Jeans: CottonOn

Heels: Christian Louboutin


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