Honeymoon: Santorini, Greece

Hello my loves!  So much has been going on for the past two months that it’s been absolutely insane. The wedding feels like an absolute dream and I just want to rewind back to our big day and hit pause! Even though I was absolutely exhausted by 2 a.m. I’ll be doing a blog solely about the wedding in a few weeks once I have most of our photos from my lovely photographer.

Anyways, back to the honeymoon! We had a wonderful three week getaway starting with Santorini. It was such an amazing experience to be there since Anthony and I both have always dreamt of going there. Photos that we’ve seen of Santorini does it no justice than when you actually see it in front of your own eyes. Literally, everywhere you turn you have the most stunning views imaginable. 

Grecian hospitality is on another level. We stayed at the Agali Houses and the staff was extremely helpful with restaurant recommendations and things to do on the island. The rooms were super clean and beautiful. We had a caldera view which was breathtaking to wake up to every single morning. There are quite a few stairs until you get to the bottom to the hotel. Let’s just say I definitely got in my leg day workout everyday going up and down all those stairs. 

I also cannot forget one of their amazing employees who Anthony and I called hercules. He is the definition of a machine. What I mean by that is that the guy carried all our luggage bags down about 80 or so stairs to the hotel…NONSTOP. It was mind blowing to us.

The most efficient way of getting around the island is on a quad bike. We rented one for a day to explore the island and it was so much fun. Just a little tip…if you naturally have curly hair you might want to tie it up or else you’re hair will look like it came out of the wilderness, trust me.

Now on to the food! Let me just say I can have chicken gyros for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not complain once. Nobody goes to Santorini and doesn’t try their gyros that’s just downright wrong. Forget the fancy dinners, the three euro sandwich from the corner shop is better than anything! But, if you’re a bit like me and you like the fancy dinners once in a while you must try Remvi in Firosetfani. The view from the restaurant is beautiful and the food is delicious.

Our most memorable activity on the island would have to be our sunset sailing trip on the Aegean sea! Watching the sunset from the yacht was so relaxing and you literally get dazed away by the beauty of the sunset. We did our five hour sunset tour with Sunset Oia. The yacht, the staff and the food was amazing and I highly recommend everyone to try it out!

Anthony and I are already discussing when to go back. Let’s just say we have a case of the travel bug!

Enjoy the photos! xxx


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  1. September 8, 2016 / 4:47 pm

    Wow, Santorini is one of my dream travel destinations!
    You made such wonderful memories there, I hope I can visit soon!

    Love from Tokyo,

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