My BoHo Bachelorette Party!

I’ve always wanted a bohemian themed party and what better occasion than my bachelorette party!
I decided I wanted something different and my MOH & I brainstormed and came up with a number of things to do to make the party fun and engaging for my guests. I definitely knew I wanted it to be during brunch because it would give it a bit more of a girly feel and I just LOVE to brunch. Any who, all my ideas and Pinterest boards came to life to say the least. It all turned out perfect!
We had a number of brunch items ranging from turkey sandwiches to french toast to cold cut platters.  For drinks we definitely couldn’t have a brunchin’ party without mimosa! Yes, we did take it up a notch and had a bottle of patron, but that’s what added to our Jeopardy fun.
We had a few games that really got the crowd going such as, toilet paper bride (a classic), Jeopardy and another “Ask the bride” game which Linda asked a bunch of questions to Anthony and got all the answers and in return I was supposed to answer the same questions and get the same answers as him. Our jeopardy game had a twist. All the losing teams had to take 3 shots of patron, but it really ended up being ONE shot because my girls couldn’t hang haha! The winning team got to choose a sexy Victoria Secret panty.
Now my bridesmaids and I wanted to really end my bachelorette party with a bang so we had planned Vegas for months. Vegas was way too much FUN. We were there for 5 nights/6 days and by the end of it all I really needed a relaxing vacation to relax! We stayed at the Venetian and had a beautiful suite central to everything on the strip. I really enjoyed the daytime pool parties those definitely had to be my favorite. I’d highly recommend the pool party at Encore beach club & the one at Daylight. For nighttime parties, XS night swim on Sundays is definitely the place to be and my favorite nightclub.
All in all I really had the time of my life and couldn’t have done it without my girls!

Let’s just say I’m ready for a nice long relaxing honeymoon. Can’t wait to share that journey soon with you guys!

p.s. the wedding is exactly 3 weeks away…I can’t believe it was exactly a year from today when we first booked our banquet and a year and a week from when Anthony proposed! Time sure does fly.

Let the wedding festivities begin!

 Dress: PLT
Flower Crown: Forever21

 Romper: BEBE
Shoes: Lolashoetique
Belt: BEBE

 Dress: Akira
Shoes: Lolashoetique

 Sunnies: Sunglassspot

Sunnies: Valentino

Choker: PLT

Swimsuit: Nordstrom

My MOH got these super cute tattoos from ETSY.


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