My Lebanon Vacation!

Hello, hello lovers! This is a long overdue post, but here it is for you guys! As many of you know I got engaged on June 12th and had the absolute best surprise proposal. Anthony (my fiancĂ©) went above and beyond to make it the perfect proposal and it definitely was. He hired a guitarist to sing and play our song by John Legend “All of Me.” It was at the Botanical Gardens in the Japanese gardens which was so beautiful and romantic. Overall, I was surprised beyond belief and it was just a perfect dream! 

The second surprise he had planned was a trip to Lebanon! I have always wanted to go to Lebanon and Anthony planned it out with my family, friends and my Internship producer to make sure it all worked out. I gotta say everyone hid it very well! My trip to Lebanon was definitely an eyeopener. I saw and experienced so many things that you just don’t experience here in the states. Little things like electricity, WiFi and water are taken for granted here. Safety is another thing. People are so used to living in a country where things aren’t always perfect so for an outsider like myself who’s not used to it was something I had to get used to, but overall it was quite safe and everyone went about their normal life.

However, nothing can beat Lebanon’s beauty. All I can say is WOW! The views are breathtaking to say the least. Pictures don’t even do it justice! The food is absolutely delicious and fresh which is something I’m missing so much. 

I’m going to list some of my favorite hotels/resorts, clubs and sightseeing spots just in case you guys want to pay Lebanon a visit (which you should) you guys have an idea of where to go and stay.

Our first three nights we stayed in Ehden at Le Tournant hotel. The hotel was nice and the food was great and the views were picture perfect. The only complaint I have is the rooms have the weirdest bedroom doors. They make the craziest noises when you try to close them which made it so annoying when we’d get home late and try not to wake anyone up. Oh and WiFi is a mission! The WiFi pretty much works best only in the lobby.

We also stayed at Veer Boutique Hotel & Resort in Jounieh. Jounieh was definitely one of my favorite places to visit in Lebanon. It has a very young and touristy crowd with a lot of cafes, restaurants and shopping nearby. Veer is a gorgeous resort with modern amenities, a beautiful pool with a pool bar and a delicious breakfast buffet. The rooms were very large and clean and the WiFi was AMAZING! (Yes, I love a hotel with great WiFi! haha)

If you’re in Zgharta and you’re looking for a nice, clean and affordable hotel for a few nights Residence Le Lac is your best bet! Rooms are structured like apartments and the staff is friendly and helpful. The WiFi was only working for me in the lobby/pool area. (TIP: make sure you have enough cash on you because the credit card machine breaks down and then you have to pay for your stay in cash.)

 While we were in Antelias for the rest of our stay we rented an apartment that was owned by the Azar brothers. The apartment was extremely clean, new and close by to everything. It was just a 15 minute drive to downtown Beirut! (TIP: Nothing in Lebanon has an address! Crazy, I know.)

Now onto the Lebanese nightlife! Let’s just say Lebanese people sure know how to throw a par-tay!

1. White- A phenomenal club with amazing music and it’s outdoors on a rooftop! We got bottle service and it is definitely recommended you do so. Wednesday is R&B night so that’s definitely a must.

2. Publicity- A fun place with lots of small bars, perfect for bar hopping!

3. Mar Mikhael is an area full of small, funky bars left and right. It’s great for any day of the week to be honest.

4. The Roof at The Four Seasons is an exceptional lounge to relax and enjoy a drink or two and take in the beautiful view. The lounge also has a tapas menu with mouthwatering items!

Now if you want to wind down and relax after all the partying you’ll do in Lebanon you should head over to Le Gray in Beirut and do a spa day at PureGray. I surprised Anthony with a spa day for us and it was heavenly. They even had champagne and fondue ready for us after our massage since it was Anthony’s birthday. The service was impeccable and I highly recommend everyone to try it out!

There was so much sightseeing to do in Lebanon that if we had stayed longer we probably could have seen even more! Definite musts are Harissa, Jeita Grotto, Baalbeck, the Cedar trees, Raouche and Saydet El Hosn.

A BIG tip on flying, never again will I fly Royal Jordanian Airlines. The customer service was horrendous. I’ve flown on so many airlines and never had I ever experienced such horrible customer service after letting the company know I had some of my things stolen. Apparently, other customers have had similar experiences to me in regards to having stolen items from their bags. They definitely did not address the issue or even attempt to help out. I was furious and filed a claim against the airlines so never again will I fly RJ!

Sorry for such a long post, but I hope you guys find this helpful. Have a happy Wednesday beauties!  


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